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Leeds Utd FC

How 2mee’s HoloMesssage™️ helped Leeds Utd take fan engagement to new highs whiles opening up additional commercial opportunites.

About Leeds Utd FC:

LUFC, formed in 1919, is a professional association football club, having won three English league titles, one League Cup and two Inter-Cities Fair Cups.

Leeds United’s famous old ground at Elland Road Stadium has a capacity of 37,890 with supporters flocking to watch them on match days whilst the rest of their fans engage with the club through channels such as its dedicated club app, social media, and FanTV channel subscriptions.

The Challenge:

LUFC are an innovative forward-thinking sports organisation that put fan engagement at the heart beat of everything they do. LUFC were looking for alternative digital methods to the standard text notification to engage their fans.

They also wanted a unique and quick way to inform their user base about the various concerts and events held at Elland Road throughout the year.

The Solution:

LUFC piloted 2mee’s cutting-edge HoloMessageTM platform to allow players, coaching staff and match-day pundits to deliver Hologram Messages to their fans within the official app. With the simple-to-use creator app the players simply recorded the messages after the game to be delivered to the fans ahead of any other news outlet, giving the fans news first, directly from the players.

The Results:

2mee delivered player hologram messages to fans within minutes of a match ending meaning fans were getting news, MOM reports, and coaches thoughts before national news. The club reported that their CTR’s went from single figures to double figures resulting in an increase of 2000%

Rapid deployment

2000% Increase in Engagement