The world's only Human Hologram messaging platform.

You can now create, manage and distribute Holograms instantly to millions of devices. Supercharging engagement rates for brands, fan engagement & education by over 650% against traditional messaging.

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650% open rate increase

Real time campaign reports

Instantly generated anywhere

Maximise the power of your customer communications.

Now you can create and deliver Hologram Messages instantly from any location. Use presenter mode for face-to-face conversations and full figure AR Holograms for brand interactions.

Simply add our SDK to your app and begin sending messages in real-time or scheduled to millions of customers selected for their known preferences.

The 2mee engine allows you connect to your CRM system and you will get full reporting from our platform. For more information, or to request a demo contact us below.

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Human Hologram messaging is so powerful, it can increase your CTR rates by over 650%.