A new way to deliver real connection face to face in your app

Facee Broadcast

Increase engagement and response. Lower cost than text notifications. We’re hardwired for eye to eye contact, and our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text. A feeling of trust can be established in 33 milliseconds with a face. 2Mee delivers the power of faces to your comms.


Maximise the power and effectiveness of your push notifications.

Facee Push

Maximise the power and effectiveness of your push notifications.

Imagine engaging with customers faster and increasing response whilst building trust and loyalty in your brand.

Imagine increasing opt ins and retention, encouraging customers to visit, share, reduce cart abandonment and buy more.

All at a lower cost and with greater ROI than regular text push notifications.

Why 2mee Push

Increase engagement, increase response

Get noticed and increase response rates

Engaging, face driven notifications will increase click throughs, shares and purchases


2mee face messages are more likely to get noticed on a lock screen, and in app, with more persuasive offers.


Engage faster

Easy to create and send from the palm of your hand - 2mee face messages can be recorded and delivered instantly with just a mobile phone.


Customers engage with images and faces faster than with words – up to 60,000 x faster

Reduce costs per notification

2mee is cheaper than traditional text notifications


Reduce cart abandonment

Use 2mee Push to bring people back with a compelling real face, real emotion message


Great for timed and geolocation pushes

A 2mee message will get more responses – right face, right place


Build lifetime customer value – with a smile

2mee delivers your brand in person increasing loyalty, sharing – and bottom line sales


2mee costs less + delivers more = Increased ROI


Use personality presenters to deliver 2mee updates to app users for news, expert analysis or sporting key moments.

Facee Broadcast

Live commentary and breaking news delivered to app users

Use personality presenters to deliver 2mee updates to app users for news, expert analysis or sporting key moments.
- Provides human emotion rather than dry text updates.
- Builds the broadcaster’s brand value.
- Can be produced on the spot from any location using a mobile phone.
- No licensing issues or travel costs.
- Immediate comments from sporting heroes ‘after the match’.


Coming soon

Facee Chat

More personal, friendly and quicker than text
More private than full view video
Communicates feelings way beyond email
Live chat or leave a 2mee message
Mobile to mobile or smart watch
Faces fill the screen area
Works across different platforms

The Science

The science behind 2mee

The power of the facial expression is scientifically measurable and 95% of all cognition occurs in the subconscious mind


Subconscious cognition influences buying decisions


Marketer and advertisers constantly strive to capitalise on this


Facial cues are more important than words in human communication


There is less risk of misunderstanding if you can see the person saying something

The science behind 2mee

Unique, patented technology that isolates the face from recorded or live video:


A means to humanise push notifications and other on line interactions


A game changer to introduce a new level of engagement and response across many on line communications platforms


Works with all push technologies – CRM, programmatic, AI – and makes them more effective


Adapts to all screens, devices and apps

It’s Easy

The 2mee Exchange is a powerful, yet simple to use, cloud service that enables recording and delivering of 2mee Notifications to millions of iOS or Android users.

Use your smartphone to record your message
Open 2mee Exchange to target your audience and send your message
Deliver your 2mee notification on the lock screen of any enabled device

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2mee is a UK based computer vision that has developed complex algorithms to facilitate new forms of humanised visual augmentation. We believe that technology should always seek to strengthen the way humans interact with the world - not displace it. Our technologies humanise the future of digital connectivity.

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